Solminer The Sun pays you twice

Welcome to the SOLMINER Project.

Bases on our experiences in Mining and running Masternodes we are providing you with SOLMINER an answer to many of mankind problems or just another option to earn a small passive income.

The SOLMINER is available as a SET of at least one Mining-Module and a 160W Solarmodule and Barrerypack so the Mining module can work 24 hours and 7 days a week even in low light environments.

The Sun pays you twice means that you get free energy form the sun and on top from participating in Blockchain solutions lie Transcendence Blockchain which includes 2 Digital currencies:
TELOS which is a pure Masternode Coin, as well as Bitcoin Subsidium which is a pure Proof of Work coin but ASIC resistent and especially optimised to run on low power devices.

So as usually a solar module can pay itself after some years when you count in the enegery costs you have saved compared to buying electricity from your local provider.
With Solminer you can also earn between 6-20$ a month pasiively due to the automatic participation in Blockchain solutions.

The Basic kit for self-mounting or just placing on the floor costs 1299€ (when you plan to buy more solar modules, the specific price will decrease drastically because of controller overhead impact which stays basically the same independent from your installed sun collectors )

Optinally you can make every solar panel to act as WIFI-Mesh expander and create your own wide range Network. Something handy for countries like Afrika. With the optional LTE/3G Modul we can provide Energy / Light / Passive Income and Internet and so Education and access to a gloabalised market to work from "Home" to Million of People.

We invite non-profit-organization and private companies to join our mission to bringt the world together.